Art Prints

I sell matted prints of my original art as well as fan art. These can be found at events or ongoing shop locations. If you are interested in custom art, you can find more information under my “custom art” tab.

Huggable Art (coming soon)

Starting in March of 2019, I will be selling pillow versions of my art. They are perfect for taking a quick catnap or just displaying some art when you have no wall space. Each pillow is made with an envelope casing so you can remove the pillow insert to be washed.


I create all my own digital embroidery designs and incorporate those into the following items such as magnets, bows or badge holders.



Badge Holders

Email to suggest embroidery design themes.


Felted Cat Toys

These multicolored felted wool jingly balls are available at events. Cats love these and best of all, they are washable! Many hundreds of these wool toys have gone home to well loved kitties.

Catnip Kicker Toys

These toys are purrfect for cat buddies that like to play rough with their toys. They are triple stitched for added durability and make a light jingly noise. These are available in geeky themed patterns, batik patterns, demin and holiday designs.


These little dumpling shaped toys come in a set of three. They are full of fresh catnip and make a crinkly sound when kitties play with them. They are the perfect size for batting across the floor or playing fetch with your kitty.